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Apply Online | Apr-23, 2017
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We have the most high-tech campus and LABs,workshops with all time electricity, Online CCTV at campus and hostel

Important Information ! ------------- (Caution!)

All types of scholarship and waiver will be cancelled for poor attendance (Less than 75%) failing several times in exam and violating rules and regulation of Mangrove Institute.

Mangrove Institute of Science and technology is under World Bank's STEP project

  • Selected students from Mangrove Institute by STEP get 800 TK/Month scholarship

  • Mangrove Institute under the project From the beginning of STEP scholarship

  • Monthly Tuition Fees Waiver Plan Based on SSC GPA

  • GPA-5 (regular) : 100% Free

  • GPA-4.80 to <5 (regular) : 30% Free

  • GPA-4.75 to <4.80 (regular) : 25% Free

  • GPA-4.50 to <4.75 (regular) : 20% Free

  • GPA-4.00 to <4.50 (regular) : 15% Free

  • GPA-3.50 to <4.00 (regular) : 10% Free

  • GPA-3.00 to <3.50 (regular) : 5% Free

  • # All waiver plan applicable for regular students who has no year gap, casual students will get waiver due to interview
    Scholarships at Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology

  • 10% Monthly tuitions fee waiver for son of Freedom Fighters, Teachers, Tribal

  • Scholarship for poor and meritorious students .

  • Students who will be able to achieve excellent result, they will get tuition fee waiver according to result

  • # Institute Authority can postpone scholarships of any student for illegal activities, poor attendance, failing more times in exam and violating Institute rules.

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