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We have the most high-tech campus and LABs,workshops with all time electricity, Online CCTV at campus and hostel

Important Information ! (Last Update Date:02/01/2016)

Total amount calculated except Mid semester Evaluation Exam, Semester Board Final exam and registration fees. Beacuse those fees are variable
Note: 1000 TK Library deposit (refundable) and 2000 TK Miscellaneous Charge will be added with Admissionn fee.

Department    Admission Fee   Monthly Tution Fee  Semester Fee  Total Cost in 4 years (TK)
Diploma In Computer Engineering500019003000120200/=
Diploma In Civil Engineering500019003000120200/=
Diploma In Electronics Engineering50001000300077000/=
Diploma In Electrical Engineering500019003000120200/=
Diploma In Textile Engineering1000018004000128400/=
Diploma In Mechanical Engineering 500019003000120200/=
Diploma In Garments Design & Pattern Making1000018004000128400/=
Diploma In Marine Engineering 1000022005000155600/=
Diploma In Ship Building 1000022005000155600/=
Diploma In Automobile Engineering 50001000300077000/=
Diploma in Architecture and Interior Design 5000500300053000/=
Diploma in Power Technology 5000500300053000/=

Calculate Your Total Cost Using Tuition Calculator

Click Here then Enter your SSC GPA and Select Department to calculate total 4 years cost

Total amount calculated except mid semester board exam and registration fees. Beacuse those fees are variable.

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