Admission Requirements Diploma in computre Engineering Courses

  • All students who have passed SSC Examination with minimum GPA 2.50 can get admission

  • Admission open for all students from Science, Arts, Commerce, Technical, Open University

  • Some Special Strategy of Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology

  • e Encourage Those student to get admission at Mangrove Institute who # Have good GPA in SSC.

  • Want to be an real Engineer.

  • Love to study hard.

  • Want to learn more practically.

  • Having good mentality to Strictly follow, honor and obey the rules of Mangrove Institute .

  • We Discourage and don't allow those students who have any following mentality or goal # Long Education gap after SSC/ Irregular Students.

  • Want certificate without study.

  • Want to learn more practically.

  • Tempted to avoid joining class regularly.

  • Don't Have mentality to obey rules and regulation.

  • Want to purchase certificate.

  • Professional peoples who want to earn certificate without joining classes.

  • Who is not ready to Strictly follow, honor and obey the rules of Mangrove Institute.

  • Monthly Tuition Fees Waiver Plan Based on SSC GPA

  • GPA-5 (regular) : 100% Free

  • GPA-4.80 to 5 (regular) : 30% Free

  • GPA-4.75 to 4.80 (regular) : 25% Free

  • GPA-4.50 to 4.75 (regular) : 20% Free

  • GPA-4.00 to 4.50 (regular) : 15% Free

  • GPA-3.50 to 4.00 (regular) : 10% Free

  • GPA-3.00 to 3.50 (regular) : 5% Free

  •        Department

      Admission Fee

      Monthly Tution Fee

      Semester Fee

       Total Cost in 4 years (TK)

      Diploma In Computer Engineering





    # total amount calculated except Mid semester Evaluation Exam, Semester Board Final exam and registration fees. Beacuse those fees are variable.

    # 1000 TK Library deposit (refundable) and 2000 TK Miscellaneous Charge will be added with Admissionn fee.